Five Years in Newton Dee

by Emma Millar

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“Destiny creates my future path throughout my life, and all my aims and goals are included in this destiny.”

I have lived in Newton Dee for five years, and in Camphill for nine and a half years.

Friends and relationships are important to me and I struggle sometimes with trust issues when people don’t tell the truth or aren’t honest with me. Once a month I have a talk with Marjan – my “advice person” - to discuss things; sometimes I have talks with my house co-ordinators, Johnny and Tanya, too. But sometimes I struggle to say what’s wrong.

My aims and goals are important to me. In 2017 I would like to work towards gaining independent life skills. Eventually I would like to move on from living in Orion, and live more independently somewhere else, though not too far away from other households for when I am in need of help.

I am not the only Villager who would like to gain confidence with life skills; other Villagers would like this too, and any ideas would be welcome.

The opportunity to do something different is what 2017 is going to bring about for me. “Different”, to me, means working towards my aims and goals and feeling as though I am going somewhere, not just staying still. I have keen interests in dance and music. I am currently rehearsing a play that we will perform in April, called Aladdin. I play the role of Princess Jasmine.

I believe in destiny and fate, and the way in which destiny and fate work together – if you believe in this, anything in your life can be possible.