Meaningful Vocation

Bakery 2014

Bakery 2014


We strongly believe that learning a vocation is not just about developing a skill but also about developing who you are. Creating a social identity that is related to what you can do, not what you cannot do.

We believe that learning a trade or vocation takes dedication and focus. We want people to be able to say, I’m a baker or I’m a farmer. That means we ask everyone who joins our workshops to focus on joining one workshop. To become proficient in the task and to acquire and master those skills for life long learning. Our goal in Newton Dee is to help everyone reach their fullest potential. Our task is to find the right support to allow everyone to contribute, to be productive and to be able to give back to their community through meaningful vocation.

Our social enterprises in Newton Dee includes a Bakery, a Confectionary, a Metal Workshop that makes items from copper and brass, a Toyshop that makes traditional wooden toys and kitchen items, a Joinery that makes bespoke furniture, 2 farms with cows, pigs, sheep and field vegetables, 2 market gardens that produce food for the community, an Estate Team that looks after the grounds in Newton Dee, and we have our Store, Cafe and Bakery that serve the wider community.

The Newton Dee Store sells a wide variety of organic and dietary specific food as well as a wide range of biodegradable cleaning products.

The Cafe serves delicious homemade food, often using produce from our organic and bio-dynamic gardens and farms.  As well as sells quality toys and handmade crafts from our workshops.

Our award-winning Bakery and Confectionery produce quality bread and cakes using organic ingredients whenever possible.