Lovely Togetherness

- Lyra’s holiday to Findhorn by Helma Fuge

Lyra’s house holiday started brightly on a sunny Friday morning... unconscious about Scotland’s ability to surprise its inhabitants with moments of rain. Martha, Nelly, Molly, Mike, Ginny, Deborah, Erol, Diane, Katy, Hugh and Helma packed their bags with an easiness that spoke of pure anticipation. Still, not one of us had expected what we’d see at the moment of arrival: a bonny seaside house - hard to believe this would be our place of residence for the next few days. For us, the domicile in Findhorn village was love at first sight, and so was the view, which unfolded before us: the ever-changing sea, ebbing and flowing, beautiful sunsets haunted by stormy waves followed by calm peacefulness - and everyone felt one with the sea’s mood at some point. 


Beyond question, the area around Findhorn gifted us with an uncountable number of activities to be happily explored : a Cinema, a boat trip near Inverness to visually capture some dolphins, and a walk around the pompous Cawdor Castle and its beautiful (easy to get lost in!) gardens. We didn’t want to miss out on Hugh’s birthday fish’n chips, and have enough time at the beach for everyone to meditate in whatever way they needed. 


Findhorn Community, only a few footprints away from our temporary home, was almost a daily venue for us. Not only to enjoy the good food in the Blue Angel Café, but also for cultural events such as an acoustic charity concert and a guided tour through the eco-village. We were very impressed by its unique future-oriented concept...

Returning to our house by the shore we spent the evenings together cooking, watching the flames in the chimney or a film on the screen, chatting, relaxing or going for walks. 
Five too-quickly-passed-days later we left with a little wistfulness and hope that the beauty of the place is soon going to be conquered by the next Newton Dee’ers. 

With a pocket full of shells, a heart rich in memories and a mind of pure anticipation to come back to our home-away-from-home, we were all thankful for this LOVELY TOGETHERNESS!