All we need is love (for music)

byKamila Szymczak


It all starts with love for music. Then it’s spiced up with passion, determination and hard work. But it is love that is real and strong that makes it all possible. This is what was common for all the people taking part in the first Newton Dee Music Festival. This is what made this event happen and be so successful.

It was the idea of Alan Brown to start up Newton Dee Folk Club, which has been meeting every two months since February 2013. Alan says he has always enjoyed folk music and the atmosphere that is created in folk clubs. He loves music in general and he concluded that he wanted to create an event where folk music could be mixed with other kinds and all this could be performed on Newton Dee stage, and where professional musicians and everyone who shares this passion could be invited. Martin Kasprowicz, who organises the Stonehaven Folk Festival, had been asked to help out and was very glad to do it. The intention of bringing together the people who like to play, sing or simply enjoy the music was very appealing. The great success of Folk Club proved that many people share the enthusiasm for folk music and would like to explore it. And it is said that the Newton Dee audience is the best of all!

It was at the end of 2014 when the preparations for the Newton Dee Music Festival were started (initially it was called the Newton Dee Folk Festival). For Louise, being part of the folk club has been of great importance. She started singing only a year ago. She remembers that it was just after her holiday last year, when she was ready to face new challenges and Alan and Bob must have felt it was the right moment, because that is exactly when they convinced her to join the group. They promised she would never have to perform, but a few weeks later she performed for the first time during the Folk Evening. ‘If it wasn’t for Newton Dee musicians and the warm reception we have always received, I would have never decided to take part in the festival. The audience is always so friendly and welcoming that it really helps to get over the nerves; she says.

The Music Festival featured a wide variety of musicians. Individual singers, groups, people singing A capella and playing various instruments. Everyone could find something for themselves.


"Newton Dee is such a beautiful place to perform. 
I really enjoy playing here."

Gaye Anthony


"Mother taught us to sing and for me singing is my greatest passion, the biggest of all. Much bigger than playing."

Nigel Lammas