What are cookies

In this case - they aren't for eating. When you visit a website for the first time, often they will download what is known as a cookie. This is a little text file that contains a site name, and a user id. 

These user id's are quite handy. For example, when you log in to facebook, that cookie will recognise your computer and keep you logged in to the website. If you didn't have the cookie, then Facebook would require you to log in every time you visit another page.

Now, some cookies might be more nefarious then others, but we aren't really trying to collect any information about you.

So why do we have cookies

Mostly, our cookies are used to track how many people visit our website, but also allow us to link to services like Facebook. And that's about it. We really aren't interested in any of those other fancy uses.

What you should know - we use SquareSpace to build our webpage, it is much easier for us to maintain, and allows us to have multiple contributors - but SquareSpace has it's own cookies too, and they have a super comprehensive page explaining this - which you can read here: