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About the Elderflower Project 

The Elderflower Project is a venture into establishing specialised nursing and elder care for people with learning disabilities as part of Newton Dee’s life sharing community model. 

The Elderflower Project is a development and fundraising initiative seeking to establish state-of-the-art, purpose-built eldercare homes as part of the registered charity Newton Dee Camphill Community.  

Mission Statement

Newton Dee Camphill Community have been working over the years to address the need to provide care for elderly with additional support needs within the existing community structure.

As there is an ageing population within the community, there have been an increasing amount of people with additional support needs having to move to care/nursing homes out-with Newton Dee, which can impact greatly on well-being, quality of life and social interaction.

With this in mind, the Elderflower Project group formed with the task of creating suitable elder care for people with additional support needs within the grounds of Newton Dee.

Aims & Objectives:

  • We aim for Newton Dee Camphill Community to be a home to all residents at every stage of their adult life.

  • We recognise there are great challenges in our society to obtain appropriate and affordable living situations for elderly people with learning disabilities, but with over 50 years of experience as a third sector provider we believe that Newton Dee is in a unique position to be able to implement a range of strategies to establish a life-sharing model which can be affordable for all.

  • We strive to ensure that those no longer able to fully participate in a life-sharing house community due to age or age-related illness or disability can continue to live a fulfilling life on the Newton Dee Estate and it’s beautiful surroundings.

  • We believe that it is vital that everyone living in Newton Dee can feel secure knowing that the challenges of later life need not become a barrier for them continuing to live in their own community.

  • By implementing specialised training for all engaged and up-to-date purpose build homes we will continue to uphold the ethos and philosophy of Newton Dee’s life sharing community model.



Phase 1 - ( Estimated completion May 2021):

  • A complete feasibility study and business plan for the project. 

  • Full development of architectural design and detailed survey of designated site.

  • Engagement of a Project Administrator.  

  • Developing promotional material for the fundraising and public awareness of the Elderflower Project.


Phase 2 - ( Expected to start June 2021):

  • Aiming to raise the capital for the project through a comprehensive fundraising campaign. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information:

Contact details

Elderflower Project
Newton Dee Office
Newton Dee Community
Bieldside, Aberdeen
AB15 9DX

Tel: 01224 868701

Email: info@elderflowerproject.org